There’s something about blasting music in the bathroom with wall mounted faucet that makes you feel like you are in a world of your own. The acoustics in the bathroom is unparalleled and makes for a great jamming session. Some songs are best for singing in the shower, some are ideal for you to do

When people attend barbecues, they are also looking to get away from everyday life and catch up with friends and family. The right music sets a relaxed tone for the barbecue, breaks awkward silences and brings life to the party that uses electric smokers. Every barbecue host wants to organize a barbecue that brings people

Music can affect a person’s focus and mood drastically. In a game of pool, where staying calm and relaxed is so crucial, it is generally not advisable to play rock music during a pool game. The jarring chords in rock music could so slightly distract a person that it entirely alters their hitting angle. However,

Fishing and music are closely intertwined. For the lone fisherman, great music is like having a fishing buddy on a fishing kayak trip. It livens up your experience and even comes to define it. Some songs are best for pre-fishing, some for during fishing and others for post-fishing. There are many great songs for fishing,

Perfect hunting music can unleash the hunter within you when your energy levels are at their lowest. The perfect music playlist can also steady you for when you are about to pull the trigger on your compound bow. When you get really tired of hunting after being sleep deprived for the forth day in a